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Tue 8/15/2023 -- by Juliette Fairley
A Danish pharmaceutical company is the only business in the U.S. with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to market semaglutide drugs, but that hasn't stopped certain healthcare providers from allegedly selling counterfeit versions. Novo Nordisk filed five federal lawsuits in New York, Texas, Tennessee and Florida complaining that compounding pharmacies, med spas and diet clinics illegally sold unapproved versions of their popular weight loss and Type 2 diabetes drugs to their customers. Wegovy and Ozempic both have semaglutide as an ingredient. "At higher amounts, it increases your sense of satiation so you feel full, and once you feel full, you're not eating, and therefore that could lead to weight loss," said Reuben Saba, vice president of medical and business affairs at Medicure.....

Thu 7/20/2023 -- by Juliette Fairley
A popular credit repair company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after losing litigation lodged by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) over its business model. The voluntary petition was submitted June 4 under PGX Holdings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware with up to $500 million in listed assets, up to $10 billion in liabilities and more than 100,000 creditors. "Like most major companies that file chapter 11, they will find ways to continue doing business, and hopefully in a more ethical manner," said Derek Jacques, a bankruptcy attorney with The Mitten Law Firm in Michigan. "I found the whole case interesting as I think there are a lot of bad actors in the debt repair space, and these were the biggest among them."....

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1. Oberweis Dairy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Tue 04/23/2024   Illinois Northern - Chicago 1:24-bk-05385
2. Express files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, announces store closures, possible sale (
Submitted Tue 04/23/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10831
3. Retailer 99 Cents Only files for bankruptcy, plans to shut down (
Submitted Thu 04/11/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10719
4. Chilean telco WOM files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 04/02/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10628
5. Nursing home co. Petersen files for bankruptcy after cyberattacks (
Submitted Tue 03/26/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10443
6. Crafts retailer Joann files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as consumers cut back on pandemic-era hobbies (
Submitted Tue 03/26/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10418
7. 2nd generation lawn care, snow removal business files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 03/21/2024   Michigan Western 1:24-bk-00677
8. BowFlex files for bankruptcy with $37.5 mln buyout offer (
Submitted Tue 03/05/2024   New Jersey 1:24-bk-12364
9. SuperDeluxe and Boxer File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 02/29/2024   Oregon 3:24-bk-30324
10. Karben4 Brewing files Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will continue operating (
Submitted Thu 02/29/2024   Wisconsin Western 3:24-bk-10358
11. Amazon Aggregator Thrasio Files For Bankruptcy Protection After Raising Billions From Investors (
Submitted Thu 02/29/2024   New Jersey 3:24-bk-11840
12. North Carolina Theatre files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, suspends 2024 season (
Submitted Tue 02/27/2024   North Carolina Eastern 5:24-bk-00596
13. Crypto firm Terraform Labs files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Tue 01/30/2024   Delaware 1:24-bk-10070
14. Flying Fish brewery files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Wed 01/03/2024   New Jersey 1:23-bk-21917
15. Philadelphia-based mall owner files for bankruptcy, relinquishes ownership over Fashion District (
Submitted Thu 12/14/2023   Delaware 1:23-bk-11974
16. Van's Files For Chapter 11 Protection (
Submitted Tue 12/05/2023   Oregon 6:23-bk-62260
17. Burger King franchisee Premier Kings files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 11/14/2023   Alabama Northern 2:23-bk-02871
18. Sunlight Financial to be acquired through Chapter 11 restructuring (
Submitted Tue 10/31/2023   Delaware 1:23-bk-11794
19. Robert Siegmann's Icebox Cafe Files for Bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 10/31/2023   Florida Southern 0:23-bk-18515
20. Silverthorne hostel The Pad files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 10/17/2023   Colorado 1:23-bk-14516
21. Rite Aid files for bankruptcy amid opioid lawsuits, growing debt (
Submitted Tue 10/17/2023   New Jersey 3:23-bk-18993
22. Shift Technologies Shares Plunge 86% After Company Declares Bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 10/10/2023   California Northern 3:23-bk-30687
23. Fintech Vesttoo seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Thu 10/05/2023   Delaware 1:23-bk-11160
24. International Longshore and Warehouse US dockworkers union files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 10/05/2023   California Northern 3:23-bk-30662
25. Heywood Hospital files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 10/03/2023   Massachusetts 4:23-bk-40817
26. SmileDirectClub files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 10/03/2023   Texas Southern 4:23-bk-90786
27. Baltimore Archdiocese files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ahead of anticipated lawsuits over child sexual abuse (
Submitted Tue 10/03/2023   Maryland 1:23-bk-16969
28. 85-year-old Indiana trucking company files for Chapter 11 (
Submitted Thu 09/28/2023   Indiana Southern 3:23-bk-70665
29. UpHealth slides 50% as unit files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after Needham ruling (
Submitted Tue 09/19/2023   Delaware 1:23-bk-11476
30. Soft Surroundings to sell assets as part of Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring (
Submitted Tue 09/12/2023   Texas Southern 4:23-bk-90769

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